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General Information

On this page you will find the General information.

Ambulance / Emergency / Fire

In case of emergency you should immediately contact 112 (public emergency services) and contact the reception desk via the following number: (0031) (0)591 – 66 74 00. If the reception desk is closed, the telephone is diverted to a central alarm number. Through the central, the park will be contacted as soon as possible. If someone needs to contact you urgently when the reception desk is closed, he/she can also ring the Center Parcs Sandur number: (0031) (0)591 – 66 74 00. If you need a doctor urgently outside office hours (Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., in the weekend’s or on national holidays) you should contact the Central General Practitioners Office situated in Emmen, telephonenumber is 0031 (0)591 – 691911.


A barbecue at your cottage is permitted only if you observe the following rules:

  • Use safe barbecue equipment
  • Do not place the barbecue on a soft surface (e.g. the grass) but choose a place that is solid (preferably on your patio)
  • Do not place the barbecue on the outdoor table, another table from the cottage or on one of the chairs
  • Have fire extinguishing materials ready at hand
  • Use firelights and not ethylated spirits
  • Let the barbecue cool down for 12 hours after use, before you throw the coals or the instant barbecue away


Damage wich has been caused by abuse or excessive use of the cottage, will be recovered from the tenant. We recommend you to report any damage in the cottage as soon as possible!

Day of departure

On your day of departure there are a few issues that needs to be done. We request that you leave your cottage before 10.00 a.m., the key cards have to be at the reception desk before 10.30 a.m.. If you want to use the swimming pool on your day of departure you can exchange your cottage cards for a Poolcard.

Please be so kind to;

  • Press the central heating thermostat down to 10°C and close all doors and windows.
  • Make sure the fridge is empty and clean, Turn the thermostat on “0” and Leave the door open
  • Leave the fireplace in your cottage clean, do not use the vacuum to clean it!
  • Throw away the waste into the containers which you can find in the resort
  • Take the bedclothes off the bed and leave them in the hall of your cottage.
  • Make sure that the crockery and cutlery are clean and stored away in the cupboards.

Energy consumption

Within our park, we strive to be economical with energy. You can help us by closing the curtains in the evening and by putting down the heating during the night. If you leave the cottage for a longer period, please turn down the heating and turn off all the lights. Please try not to use high energy- consuming machines.

Feedback form

Your opinion is important for us. After departure you will receive an email with a feedback form. In this form we ask your opinion about your stay on our resort. We would appreciate it if you would take some time to complete the feedback form, either for positive or constructive comments. If you don’t have internet, but still have something to report, please contact the reception desk or the General Manager. In your cottage you will also find a report form. On this form you can report remarks about your cottage. You can hand this over by departure.


Our containers for garbage, glass, plastic and paper are situated on the park on the main road. Empty batteries can be handed in at the supermarket.

Garden Furniture

In every cottage there are 4 chairs with adjustable seats.(in a 10 person cottage there are 6 and in a 12 person cottage there are 12 adjustable seats).The other chairs are bucket seats. For the adjustable seats there are cushions. It is not allowed to place a party tent or windscreen.

Good to know

  • Do you have problems closing the shed door? In a few cottages you need to push the door handle upwards.
  • The key of the shed door can be found in the kitchen on a hook or in the cutlery tray.
  • Is the bathtub to slippery? For hygienic reasons the anti- slip mat is not in your bathtub but can be borrowed at the reception desk. We only ask a deposit of € 5,00.
  • Especially for disabled people: At the reception desk we have a small number of wheelchairs and walkers for rent.
  • We can recycle your key cards. Please turn these cards in on the day of departure at the reception desk or in the postbox at the gate.
  • At the reception desk we sell reduced tickets from various tourist attractions.
  • Discover Drenthe? At the reception desk you can buy different walking and cycling tours.
  • For your safety: the maximum speed on the resort is 15 kilometre per hour.

Important telephone numbers

On this page you will find the important telephone numbers.


Checking your mail or trying to send your family at home your holiday pictures? All cottages have a WIFI connection. The only thing you need is a laptop or smartphone. You can make free use of our network, you don’t need a password.

Inventory / Breakages

If you break any crockery in the cottage please report this at the reception desk. We will provide you with a new piece at cost price. If there is something missing in your cottage at your arrival, please also report this as soon as possible at the reception desk.

Launderette / Clothes lines

In the Launderette are two washing machines, one dryer and an ironing board with flat iron. You can buy tokens (including detergent) at the reception desk. The door of the launderette can be opened with your key cards of the cottage. Due to the scenic nature of our park, it is not allowed to tuck out clothes lines outside of your cottage. There is a drying rack in the storage room of your cottage.

Lost and found

If you have lost or found something, please report this at the reception desk.


Incoming mail for our guests will be collected at the reception desk in the mailboxes. Outgoing mail needs to be thrown in the PostNL Mailbox, you can find it opposite the roundabout at the entrance of the parking of our park.


If you are bothered by technical malfunctions during your stay, please report this at the reception desk, so we can assist you as quickly as possible. You can reach the reception desk during opening hours and by telephone number (0031) (0)591-66 74 00. Also, if the reception desk is closed, in the most serious malfunctions you can call the same number mentioned above.

Non-smoking cottages

Our resort has got a number of non-smoking cottages. You can recognize these cottages by the sign at the entrance of the cottage. We trust the non-smoking rule will be observed (unfortunately we can’t give you a nonsmoking guarantee).

Payment options

In our park you can pay with Euro’s, debit card, MasterCard or VISA card. It is possible to withdraw money in the Plus Supermarket during opening hours.

Planet Center Parcs app

Keep yourself up to date anytime, anywhere with the Center Parcs App. Download the App for IOS or Android. The app will always give you the current activities programme, opening hours and village map. You can easily book all of your activities en facilities for your stay.


There is a maximum of two pets allowed per cottage. If your four legged friend needs to have a walk, please do this outside the park or on the special dog toilets. Dogs should be kept on the leash in the park. Dogs disposals must be removed and placed in the bins. You will find the cleaning bags at the Dog-stops. On island 10A it is allowed to the let the dog walk without a leash. Here he can also swim. We ask you to not let your pet lie on the beds, sofas or chairs in the cottage. When you booked a dog free cottage, also dogs of visitors are not allowed.

Public Transport

The nearest bus stop is at the Ericasestraat. This bus stop takes from the gate of Parc Sandur approximately a 15 minutes’ walk. From here on Bus 44 drives to the centre of Emmen or to the centre of Schoonebeek. For a time schedule of the public transportation please apply or call 0900-9292. For more information on public transport or to order a taxi, you can always contact the reception desk.


Rest is one of the key qualities of our resort and therefore we ask you to reduce noise as much as possible. Radios, televisions, musical instruments etc. should not be heard outside the cottage. Respect your fellow residents, do not walk trough others resident garden and do not go on a scaffold that belongs to another cottage.

Reception desk

The reception staff will gladly provide you with all the information you may need during your stay at our park about the surroundings as well as about your cottage. To book an activity, a table in one of our restaurants or to report a malfunction, please apply at our reception desk. We sell reduced priced entrance tickets for various tourist attractions and we have walking and biking routes available at the reception desk. The opening hours of the reception desk can be found at the Planet Center Parcs App.


Every cottage has a telephone. This is a Home line, so you can’t call “out”. Making a call to the reception desk is free of costs, please press the reception button or number 9. If you need us urgently outside opening hours you can dail 0031 (0)591 66 74 74 (with your own mobile phone).


Theft should be reported immediately at the reception desk / park management. In consultation we will contact the local police, telephone number 0900-88 44.

Tourist Infomation Point (TIP)

There is much to see and do in the resort. But also in the surroundings of the resort there are many things to do. At the reception desk you can collect all information, for example brochures of amusement parks or tourist attractions. More information can be found on the Website: TIP EMMEN and Recreatieschap Drenthe


For your own safety and the safety of other guests we ask you to drive slowly through the park. It is allowed to park one car at your cottage, at our 8- 10- and 12-person cottages it is permitted to park two cars. If you park your car at the cottage, please park it at the parking place that is situated next to the cottage and not in gardens or lawns. Visitors can park their car at the parking near the park entrance. Do you have an electric car? You can charge this at our charging point next to the center building. We kindly ask you not to charge the car at your cottage.

Recreation lake the Grote Rietplas

The cottages at Parc Sandur are all located on the beautiful Grote Rietplas. The Grote Rietplas is well suited for recreational activities such as fishing, swimming or boating.

For recreational use, observe the following rules;

  • Forbidden to dive from shore and jetty
  • A maximum of 2 fishing rods per person applies to fishermen, fish that have been caught must be released
  • Sailing is allowed if not motorized

The water around the cottages is not official swimming water. Use of this is therefore at your own risk. The quality of the water in the Rietplas is constantly monitored in several places for blue-green algae, among other things. See for the current situation regarding the quality of the swimming water. The quality control takes place at the locations where the official beaches of the Rietplas are located, namely Het Parelstrand, Het Rietstrand, Bargerhoek and the Watersportstrand. These beaches are not located directly on our park.

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