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Please read the manuals mentioned below with care. They will make it easier to use all the equipment in the cottage. If you have any questions after reading the manuals, we will be pleased to help you. The reception desk can give you more detailed information. Please report all (technical) trouble and damage on the equipment at the reception desk.

Extractor hood

On the wall, next to the hood, you will find the button for the extractor hood. It’s always active. The extractor hood is without a motor and also connected to the central air extraction system. You can hardly hear the extractor. Turn the switch on the wall and it will gain or lose power. To use the hood optimal, please pull out the hood.


On the day of arrival the refrigerator is ready to use. The thermostat of the refrigerator is on the correct position on your day of arrival. Please be so kind not to change this thermostat at arrival. Please on departure day…

  • Empty and clean the refrigerator.
  • Turn the thermostat on “0”
  • Leave the door of the refrigerator open

DVD player

  • Press STANDBY-ON on the DVD player front panel or on the DVD Remote Control
  • Press OPEN-CLOSE button to open the disc tray and load in a disc, then press the same button again to close the disc tray. Make sure the label side is facing up.
  • Put on the TV and press on the Source button at the Remote Control of the television and choose for the AV channel. Now you see the blue Samsung DVD background screen on the TV.
  • To select a playback feature or item use the  or numeric keypad (0-9) on the Remote Control of the DVD player, then press PLAY  to start playback.
  • Press Subtitle repeatedly to select different subtitle languages.
  • At any times, simply press STOP to stop playback.
  • When you will go back to the TV channel, press again on the Source button from the Remote Control of the television and choose for TV.


You can watch digital television. Here you will find the Channels.

Instructions for use thermostat

Sandur has always seen it as its duty to be respectful towards the environment. That’s why Sandur purchased an energy saving thermostat. You can set the desired temperature by using the + and – buttons; touching is enough. When you touch the buttons the temperature you have set will be displayed. The actual temperature is visible after 3 seconds. The thermostat is fitted with a movement sensor. This enables the thermostat to lower the temperature during your absence. The temperature will also be lowered automatically while you are sleeping. A clock function ensures that the temperature in the morning is raised to a comfortable level, after which you can set your own desired temperature. When the temperature changes automatically you will hear a beep. For further questions or suggestions please contact the reception.

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